What Ping Pong Balls Do Pros Use

What Ping Pong Balls Do Pros Use

Last modified: October 17, 2023


Close your eyes and think of ping pong. Can you hear the rhythmic click-clack sound of the ball bouncing back and forth? Of course, you can! But have you ever wondered about that little white ball that moves so quickly across the table? What kind of ping pong balls do professionals use in their matches? Do they even make a difference? Read on to find the answers and discover so much more, let’s dive in!

The Power of the Ping Pong Ball

Ping Pong balls may seem simple, but they hold a significant piece in the puzzle of this fast-paced, reflex-based sport. The quality, the size, the weight, even the price – each attribute plays a substantial role in the game.

Quality Matters

Pros tend to use high-quality balls because they offer more consistency and optimal bounce. An irregular bounce could disrupt the rhythm of the game, which is why professionals opt for premium balls despite their higher price point.

Size Does Count

According to the International Table Tennis Federation, the official ball size is 40mm in diameter. A larger ball slows the game down, making the match more spectator-friendly.

Up in the Air

Weight directly influences the ball’s air resistance and bounce behavior. Official ping pong balls weigh around 2.7g, striking a balance between momentum and player control.

Favorite Brands Among Professionals

Knowing the importance of the balls, professionals have their favoured brands. They use specific ping pong balls that assure reliability, quality, and great performance.

DHS 3-Star D40+

The DHS 3-Star D40+ is a prevalent choice among professionals. Used in major international competitions, these balls offer excellent durability, roundness, and consistent bounce.

Butterfly A40+

Another favored brand is the Butterfly A40+, chosen for world championships. Known for its excellent balance, long-lasting durability, and perfect roundness, it guarantees a highly consistent bounce.

STAG 3-Star

The STAG 3-Star balls are also popular among pro players. They feature good durability, consistent bounce, and affordability, making them a great choice for players at all levels.

Pro Tips for Choosing Ping Pong Balls

Now that we’ve gone through the balls that pros use, let’s explore some tips to help you make the best choice for your skill level and style of play.

Consider Your Skill Level

While 3-star balls are great for competitions and pro matches, beginners might find 1- or 2-star balls more suitable for practice and casual play as they are affordable and reasonable in quality.

Feel the Ball

You should feel comfortable with the ball you choose. So, try out different brands and models to find one that suits your personal preference and your game style the best.

Price vs. Durability

Inexpensive balls might be tempting but bear in mind, high-quality balls often last longer and give a more consistent performance. So, consider the long-term value, not just the upfront cost.


Cracking the code of the best ping pong balls isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer. Professional players have their preferences, and what works for them might not work for you and vice versa. But no matter what you choose, remember, the aim is to improve, enjoy the game, and have fun. So, keep serving, keep smashing, keep loving ping pong!

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