Is There A Let In Ping Pong

Is There A Let In Ping Pong

Last modified: October 13, 2023

Just like any other sport, ping pong has its unique set of rules and terms that might sound like a foreign language to anyone unfamiliar. Among these mysterious words, there’s one that often causes confusion: “let.” But don’t worry. If you’re wondering what a “let” in ping pong is, you’ve paddled onto the right page.

The Definition of Let

In the simplest terms, a “let” in ping pong is essentially a redo of the point. The point is replayed, and no score is awarded to either player. However, there are a few specific conditions under which a let can be called.

Service Let

A let is most commonly called during service. If the ball, served legally, hits the net (or net assembly, including net posts) but still lands in the opponent’s half, a let is called, and the server gets another chance to serve. It’s important to note, though, that if the ball doesn’t touch the opponent’s half after hitting the net, it’s considered as a fault, not a let.

Distractions and Interruptions

Another scenario where a let might occur is when play is interrupted. If a player is distracted, or something disrupts the game (like a stray ball from another table rolling onto the playing surface), a let can be called. In such cases, the rally or point is replayed from the beginning.

Double Hits and Edges

A let can be called in situations where the ball hits a player before bouncing on the table or if the ball hits the edge of the table. In such situations, the point is usually replayed, unless it’s the server who causes the fault.

Significance of Let in Ping Pong

The let rule in ping pong serves a variety of functions. Mainly, it ensures that the game is fair and square, and no player gains an undeserved advantage.

Maintaining the Essence of the Game

Ping pong is a game of speed, spin, and skill. The let rule maintains this essence by ensuring that points are earned out of skillful gameplay, and not out of chance or error.

Keeping the Game Fair

The let rule also plays an instrumental role in preventing players from taking unfair advantage. If a player intentionally tries to disrupt the game or distract the opponent, the umpire can call a let and replay the point, maintaining the fairness of the game.

Ensuring Smooth Gameplay

A let rule ensures a smooth, continuous flow to the game. Without the let rule, ping pong could turn into a series of disputes and discussions about whether a point was legal or not. With the let rule in place, though, these potential disputes are solved simply and quickly.


Whether you’re a casual player who just enjoys a paddle in the park, or an aspiring professional gearing up for a championship, understanding the term “let” in ping pong is vital. It not only hones your knowledge about the game but also contributes to making your gameplay much smoother and your strategies more effective. So, the next time you aim to serve that perfect shot, you’ll know exactly what to do if you hear the word “let”. But remember – it’s not just about serving and scoring, it’s about the love for every bounce, spin, and rally. Keep playing, keep refining, and keep having fun!

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