How To Serve Ping Pong Like A Pro

How To Serve Ping Pong Like A Pro

Last modified: October 11, 2023


Serving in ping pong is a crucial skill that can greatly impact the outcome of a game. A well-executed serve can put your opponent on the defensive and give you a strategic advantage. If you want to serve like a pro and improve your chances of winning, then this article is for you. In this post, we will discuss some tips and techniques to help you serve ping pong like a pro.

The Forehand Serve

One of the most common serves in ping pong is the forehand serve. It allows for a variety of spin and placement options, making it a versatile choice. Here are three key aspects to focus on when executing a forehand serve:

1. Grip

Start by holding the paddle with your forehand grip. This means placing your index finger on the bottom side of the paddle, allowing for maximum control and power. Make sure your grip is firm but not too tight, as this can limit your mobility and wrist action.

2. Stance and Body Position

Position yourself slightly to the side of the table, with your non-dominant foot slightly forward. This will give you a better angle to generate spin and take advantage of the table’s surface. Keep your body relaxed and balanced, with your weight evenly distributed between your feet.

3. Ball Placement and Spin

When serving, aim to make contact with the ball near the center of the paddle. This will allow for better control and accuracy. To generate spin, use a brushing motion with your paddle. For a backspin serve, brush the ball from high to low. For a topspin serve, brush the ball from low to high. Experiment with different degrees of spin to keep your opponent guessing.

The Backhand Serve

The backhand serve is another essential serve in ping pong. It offers a different set of possibilities and can catch opponents off guard. Here are some tips to improve your backhand serve:

1. Grip

Hold the paddle with your backhand grip. This involves placing your thumb on the backhand side of the paddle, allowing for better control and maneuverability. Keep your grip relaxed and flexible to maximize your wrist action.

2. Stance and Body Position

Position yourself in the same way as for the forehand serve. Your non-dominant foot should be slightly forward, and your body should be balanced and relaxed. Maintain a good distance from the table to allow for a full range of motion during the serve.

3. Ball Placement and Variation

When serving with your backhand, aim for the center of the ball to achieve better control. Use subtle variations in spin, speed, and placement to keep your opponent guessing. Experiment with different angles and trajectories to put your opponent under pressure.

The Power Serve

If you want to add some extra firepower to your serves, then the power serve is the way to go. It requires more strength and coordination, but it can give you a significant advantage in a game. Here are some tips to master the power serve:

1. Grip and Stance

Hold the paddle firmly, using your preferred grip (forehand or backhand). Stand slightly farther back from the table, allowing for a longer swing and follow-through. Shift your weight forward as you initiate the serve, maximizing the transfer of power.

2. Backswing and Acceleration

Take a longer backswing, starting from behind your body, to generate more power. As you swing forward, accelerate through the ball, making contact at the highest point of your swing. This will help you achieve maximum speed and power on your serves.

3. Placement and Deception

Vary the placement of your power serves to keep your opponent guessing. Aim for the corners of the table or directly at your opponent’s body. Combine power with spin to add an element of deception to your serves. Practice different types of power serves, including topspin, sidespin, and fast flat serves.


Serving ping pong like a pro requires practice, technique, and strategy. By mastering different types of serves, such as the forehand serve, backhand serve, and power serve, you can keep your opponent off balance and gain an advantage in the game. Remember to focus on grip, stance, body position, ball placement, and spin to execute effective serves. With dedication and practice, you’ll soon be serving like a pro and winning more matches in no time.

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