How To Serve A Ping Pong Ball Like A Pro

How To Serve A Ping Pong Ball Like A Pro

Last modified: October 11, 2023


Serving in ping pong is a crucial aspect of the game that can give you a great advantage if done correctly. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, learning how to serve like a pro can significantly improve your game. In this article, I will share some tips and techniques that will help you serve a ping pong ball like a pro.

H2: The Importance of a Good Serve

A good serve in ping pong sets the tone for the point and can put your opponent on the defensive right from the start. It’s not just about getting the ball over the net; it’s about adding spin, variation, and control to make it challenging for your opponent to return. A well-executed serve can give you an opportunity to gain an advantage in the point.

H3: Choosing the Right Equipment

Before we dive into the serving techniques, it’s worth mentioning the importance of using the right equipment. The type of rubber on your racket and the weight of the paddle can affect your serve. A tacky rubber sheet can help generate spin, while a lighter paddle can help you maneuver the ball more effectively.

H3: Understanding Spin

Spin is a crucial component of a successful serve. By adding spin to your serve, you can make the ball curve or bounce differently, making it difficult for your opponent to return. The three primary types of spin in ping pong are topspin, backspin, and sidespin.

– Topspin: To add topspin to your serve, brush the ball from low to high, making contact slightly above the center of the ball. This will make the ball dive down onto the table once it crosses the net.

– Backspin: To add backspin, brush the bottom of the ball with an upward motion, making contact below the center. This will make the ball bounce back towards the net after crossing it.

– Sidespin: Sidespin is created by brushing the ball from left to right or right to left with a sideways motion. This makes the ball curve in the air and bounce in unexpected directions.

H3: Mastering the Techniques

1. Pendulum Serve: The pendulum serve is a popular and effective serve that involves a pendulum-like motion of the arm. Start with your arm positioned near your hip, hold the ball in your non-playing hand, and swing your arm forward like a pendulum. At the highest point of the swing, make contact with the ball, applying the desired spin. Practice variations of this serve to keep your opponent guessing.

2. Backhand Reverse Pendulum Serve: The backhand reverse pendulum serve is a deceptive serve that can catch your opponent off guard. Hold the ball in your playing hand, position your arm across your body, and swing diagonally to generate sidespin. This serve is particularly effective when combined with a quick wrist snap to add spin variation.

3. Short Backspin Serve: The short backspin serve is a tactical serve that aims to force your opponent into making a weak return. Use a compact stroke with a closed racket angle to produce heavy backspin. Keep the ball low, close to the net, and aim for the corners of the table to make it even more challenging for your opponent.


Mastering the art of serving in ping pong is crucial for success on the table. By understanding spin, choosing the right equipment, and practicing various serving techniques, you can elevate your game and serve like a pro. Remember to keep practicing, experimenting with different spins, and observing how your opponents react to your serves. With time and dedication, you’ll be able to develop a serve that will give you an edge in every game. So, go ahead, step up to the table, and serve your way to victory!

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