How To Score A Point In Ping Pong

How To Score A Point In Ping Pong

Last modified: October 11, 2023


Scoring a point in a game of ping pong can be immensely satisfying. It not only adds to your overall score but also boosts your confidence and keeps the momentum on your side. In this post, we will explore different ways to score points in ping pong and provide you with some tips to improve your chances of winning.

1. Serve Strategy

The serve is the starting point of every ping pong rally, and it’s an excellent opportunity to score a point. By mastering your serve, you can catch your opponent off guard and gain an instant advantage. Here are a few serve strategies you can employ:

  • Short and low spin: A deceptive serve with backspin that barely clears the net can force your opponent into a weaker return.
  • Long and fast: A deep, fast serve that bounces near the end of the table can catch your opponent by surprise, giving you an opportunity for an attacking shot.
  • Side spin: Adding sidespin to your serve can make it difficult for your opponents to anticipate the trajectory of the ball, increasing your chances of scoring a point.

2. Offensive Shots

In ping pong, being aggressive and taking the initiative can put you in a better position to score points. Offensive shots involve attacking your opponent’s weak spots and forcing them into making mistakes. Here are a few offensive shots to consider:

  • Topspin: A topspin shot is executed by brushing the top of the ball with your paddle. It adds forward rotation to the ball, making it difficult to return and increasing the chances of scoring a point.
  • Smash: The smash is a powerful and aggressive shot that involves hitting the ball with a lot of force and speed. It is usually executed against high, bouncing balls and can catch your opponent off guard.
  • Loop: The loop is a controlled topspin shot that allows you to generate a lot of spin and power. It is effective in pushing your opponent away from the table and creating openings for scoring.

3. Spin Variation

Mastering different types of spin can greatly enhance your chances of scoring points. By using spin effectively, you can create unpredictable trajectories and make it challenging for your opponents to return the ball. Here are a few spin variations to try:

  • Backspin: A backspin shot causes the ball to rotate backward, making it challenging for your opponent to lift the ball over the net, resulting in a potential point for you.
  • Sidespin: A sidespin shot causes the ball to curve sideways, making it difficult for your opponent to accurately predict the trajectory. It can lead to errors or weak returns.
  • No spin: Sometimes surprising your opponent with a no-spin shot can be effective. It can throw off their timing and anticipation, enabling you to score points with well-placed shots.


Scoring a point in ping pong requires strategy, precision, and practice. By honing your serve, employing offensive shots, and utilizing spin variations, you can increase your chances of winning points and gaining an upper hand in the game. Remember, practice makes perfect, so keep refining your skills and enjoy the thrill of scoring points in ping pong!

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