How To Put Side Spin On A Ping Pong Ball

How To Put Side Spin On A Ping Pong Ball

Last modified: October 10, 2023


Putting side spin on a ping pong ball can add an extra dimension to your game. It can make your shots more unpredictable, giving you an advantage over your opponent. In this article, we will explore the techniques and strategies to effectively put side spin on a ping pong ball.

Creating Side Spin:

1. The Grip:
To put side spin on a ping pong ball, it is crucial to have the correct grip. The “shakehand” grip is the most commonly used grip in ping pong. To create side spin, slightly adjust your grip by rotating your wrist in the direction you want the ball to spin. This will allow your racket to brush against the ball at an angle, generating side spin.

2. The Contact Point:
The contact point between the racket and the ball plays a significant role in creating side spin. Aim to contact the ball on the side of the racket, known as the “sweet spot.” By brushing the ball with the rubber on the side of your racket, you can create more friction and increase the spin.

3. The Stroke:
The stroke is where the magic happens. To create side spin, use a stroke that combines a forward movement with a brushing action. Start by bringing your racket back slightly behind your body and then perform a forward motion while brushing the ball sideways. Focus on using your forearm and wrist to generate the desired spin. Remember to follow through with your stroke to maintain control and accuracy.

Using Side Spin:

1. Side Spin Serve:
One of the most effective ways to utilize side spin is through your serves. By applying side spin on the ball during a serve, you can catch your opponent off guard and make it difficult for them to return the serve accurately. Experiment with different angles and amounts of side spin to keep your opponents guessing.

2. Placement and Direction:
In addition to serving, you can use side spin to control the placement and direction of your shots. Use side spin to make the ball curve away from your opponent, forcing them to adjust their positioning. This can create opportunities to exploit their weak spots on the table, allowing you to gain an advantage during rallies.

3. Defensive Tactics:
Side spin can also be used defensively. By adding side spin to your defensive shots, such as chops or pushes, you can make it challenging for your opponent to attack with power and accuracy. The side spin can cause the ball to bounce erratically, making it difficult for your opponent to anticipate its trajectory.


Mastering the art of putting side spin on a ping pong ball can significantly enhance your game. Remember to focus on the correct grip, contact point, and stroke technique to generate the desired side spin. Experiment with different serves, shots, and defensive tactics to maximize the effectiveness of side spin in your gameplay. With practice and persistence, you’ll become a formidable player who can dominate the table with your unpredictable spin shots. So grab your racket, start practicing, and enjoy the exciting world of side spin in ping pong!

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