How To Make A Ping Pong Ball Out Of Paper

How To Make A Ping Pong Ball Out Of Paper

Last modified: October 8, 2023


Paper ping pong balls are a great alternative for when you don’t have access to a real ping pong ball. Whether you’re looking for a backup option or you simply want to have some fun, making a ping pong ball out of paper is a quick and easy DIY project. In this article, I will guide you through the process of making your very own paper ping pong ball, using materials you probably already have at home.

Materials Needed

To make a paper ping pong ball, you will need the following materials:

  • A sheet of white paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape

Step 1: Cutting the Paper

Start by cutting a small square out of the white paper. You can make the square any size you prefer, but a 2-inch by 2-inch square is a good starting point. Use the scissors to cut along the edges, ensuring that you have a perfect square shape.

Step 2: Shaping the Square

Once you have the square cut out, fold it in half diagonally to create a triangle. Make sure the corners align perfectly. Crease the paper along the fold to create a distinct edge.

Step 2.1: Folding Again

Next, unfold the triangle back into a square shape. Then, fold the paper in half diagonally once more, but in the opposite direction from the previous fold. This will create another triangle shape.

Step 2.2: Final Fold

Unfold the paper again to reveal the square shape. Fold the paper in half vertically this time, matching the edges carefully. You should end up with a smaller square shape.

Step 3: Creating the Ball

After completing the folding process, the square should be smaller and thicker. Hold the paper gently between your thumb and index finger on opposite corners. Gently push the corners towards each other, creating a curved shape. As you continue to bring the corners together, the paper will start to form a rounded ball-like shape.

Step 4: Securing the Ball

To keep your paper ping pong ball intact, use a small piece of tape to secure the corners of the paper together. Apply the tape on the outside of the ball, making sure it holds the shape firmly. Trim off any excess tape that may be visible.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Inspect the paper ball to ensure it is securely shaped and taped. Give it a gentle squeeze to make sure it’s firm enough to withstand a game of ping pong. If needed, you can adjust the shape slightly by molding it with your fingers.


While a paper ping pong ball may not have the same bounce or weight as a real ball, it can still provide entertainment and allow you to play a game in a pinch. Making your own paper ping pong ball is a fun and creative activity, especially when you don’t have access to the real thing. So, grab some paper, follow the steps outlined in this article, and have a blast playing ping pong with your homemade ball!

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