How To Hit A Ping Pong Ball Fast

How To Hit A Ping Pong Ball Fast

Last modified: October 7, 2023


When it comes to playing ping pong, speed is an essential component of the game. Being able to hit a ping pong ball fast not only helps you gain an advantage over your opponent but also adds excitement to the game. In this article, we will discuss some tips and techniques to help you hit a ping pong ball with speed and power.

Grip and Stance

Before we dive into the actual hitting techniques, it’s important to start with the fundamentals. One of the key aspects of hitting a ping pong ball fast is having a proper grip and stance.


The shakehand grip is the most common grip used by players when trying to generate speed. This grip involves placing your index finger and thumb on the opposite sides of the racket handle, forming a “V” shape. This grip allows for greater flexibility and wrist movement, which is crucial for hitting the ball with speed.


Having the right stance is equally important when trying to hit a ping pong ball fast. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, with your knees slightly bent. This will give you a stable base and allow for quick movements when going for powerful shots.

Timing and Contact Point

Timing and contact point play a crucial role in hitting a ping pong ball with speed. Here’s what you need to keep in mind:


Timing is everything in ping pong. To hit the ball fast, you need to make contact at the peak of its bounce. This means hitting the ball just as it starts to descend after reaching the highest point of its arc. This allows you to take advantage of the momentum and generate maximum speed.

Contact Point

The contact point is another important factor for hitting the ball fast. Aim to strike the ball at the sweet spot, which is typically located slightly above the center of the racket. By hitting the ball at the sweet spot, you can generate more power and control the direction of the shot.

Follow-through and Body Rotation

Follow-through and body rotation are techniques that can significantly enhance the speed and power of your shots.


After making contact with the ball, it’s essential to follow through with your stroke. This means continuing the motion of your racket forward, extending your arm and wrist. A full follow-through ensures that you transfer maximum power to the ball, resulting in a faster shot.

Body Rotation

Engaging your entire body in the stroke is key to hitting the ball fast. As you swing your racket, rotate your hips and shoulders to generate extra power. This rotation helps to unleash the full potential of your shot and adds speed and force to the ball.

Practice and Drill Exercises

Improving your speed in hitting a ping pong ball requires practice and specific drill exercises that focus on developing speed and control. Here are a few exercises you can try:

1. Multiball Training

Using a practice partner, have them feed you multiple balls in rapid succession. Focus on maintaining a quick and consistent stroke while attempting to hit each ball with maximum speed. Multiball training helps improve your reflexes and hand-eye coordination.

2. Speed Smashes

This drill involves practicing your forehand or backhand smashes with maximum speed. Stand near the table and have a practice partner feed you high balls. Focus on hitting the ball with power and speed, aiming for accuracy and control.

3. Interval Training

Set up a timer for specific intervals and alternate between hitting as many shots as possible within a set time and taking short breaks. This interval training helps improve your speed, endurance, and ability to sustain fast shots throughout a game.


Hitting a ping pong ball fast takes practice, technique, and a solid understanding of the game. By mastering the proper grip and stance, focusing on timing and contact point, utilizing follow-through and body rotation, and incorporating specific drill exercises into your training routine, you can enhance your speed and power on the table. With dedication and practice, you’ll be hitting lightning-fast shots in no time!

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