Do You Have To Serve To Score In Ping Pong

Do You Have To Serve To Score In Ping Pong

Last modified: September 26, 2023

Do you have to serve to score in ping pong?

If you’re new to the game of ping pong, you might be wondering about the rules and how points are scored. One common question that often comes up is whether you have to serve to score a point in ping pong. Well, the answer is both yes and no, depending on the situation. Let’s dive deeper into this topic and clear up any confusion.

Scoring when serving

In a typical game of ping pong, the server has the advantage. To begin a point, the server must make a legal serve by hitting the ball over the net and landing it on the opponent’s side of the table. If the serve is successful, the receiving player must return the ball and keep it in play. If the receiver fails to do so by missing the ball or hitting it out of bounds, the server is awarded a point.

However, it’s important to note that even if the server makes a successful serve, they don’t automatically score a point. They still need to win the rally by forcing their opponent to make an error or by hitting a shot that the opponent cannot return. Only then will the server earn a point. So, serving is the first step towards scoring, but it’s not enough on its own.

Scoring without serving

Now, let’s explore situations where points can be scored without serving. In ping pong, if the ball is in play and one player fails to return it to the other side of the table, they lose the point. This can happen during a rally or after a serve. If a player hits the ball out of bounds, fails to clear the net, or hits it into the net, their opponent will be awarded a point, regardless of who served.

Additionally, if the ball touches any part of the player’s body, clothing, or personal belongings, they lose the point. This rule applies whether the ball is served or in play during a rally. So, even if you’re not serving, you can score points by forcing your opponent to make mistakes or by utilizing your own skill and strategy to win the rally.

Exceptions to the serving rule

While serving is typically required to initiate a point, there are a few exceptions to this rule. In doubles play, both players on a team take turns serving, alternating between each serve. This means that even if you’re not serving, you can still score points by winning the rally against your opponents.

Furthermore, in some recreational or casual games, players may choose to forgo formal serving rules and simply take turns hitting the ball back and forth. In these cases, points can be scored by forcing the opponent into an error or by hitting clean winners.


So, do you have to serve to score in ping pong? While serving is an important part of the game and is usually required to initiate a point, it is not the sole factor in scoring. Points can be earned by winning the rally or by causing your opponent to make mistakes, regardless of who served. Remember, the ultimate goal is to outplay your opponent and win points through skill, strategy, and precision shots. Now that you understand the rules better, go grab a paddle and enjoy a fun game of ping pong!

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