Are Beer Pong Balls The Same As Ping Pong Balls

Are Beer Pong Balls The Same As Ping Pong Balls

Last modified: September 29, 2023

Are Beer Pong Balls the Same as Ping Pong Balls?

As an experienced ping pong player, I often get asked about the similarities and differences between beer pong balls and ping pong balls. While they may look similar at first glance, there are actually some significant differences between the two. In this post, I’ll explore the characteristics of both types of balls and shed some light on why they are not the same.

1. Material and Durability

One of the main differences between beer pong balls and ping pong balls lies in their composition. Ping pong balls are typically made from celluloid or a similar plastic material. These balls are designed to be lightweight and bouncy, allowing for quick and precise gameplay.

On the other hand, beer pong balls are usually made of a softer material, such as Styrofoam or lightweight plastic. They are not as durable as ping pong balls and can easily dent or break upon impact. This is because beer pong is played in a more casual and social setting, where the focus is more on having fun rather than professional gameplay.

2. Size and Weight

Another noticeable difference between beer pong balls and ping pong balls is their size and weight. Standard ping pong balls have a diameter of 40mm, while beer pong balls are slightly larger at around 50mm. This size difference can affect the trajectory and bounce of the ball, making it harder to transfer skills between the two games.

In terms of weight, ping pong balls weigh approximately 2.7 grams, while beer pong balls are slightly heavier, weighing around 3.5 grams. This slight difference in weight can contribute to variations in gameplay and require adjustments in technique when switching between the two types of balls.

3. Usage and Gameplay

Beer pong and ping pong are two distinct games with different rules and objectives. Ping pong is a competitive sport that requires skill, strategy, and precision. The small, lightweight ping pong ball allows for quick rallies and spin shots, making it ideal for competitive play.

On the other hand, beer pong is a popular party game that involves throwing ping pong balls into cups of beer. The larger, softer beer pong ball is easier to throw and less likely to cause damage to the playing surface or surrounding objects. The focus in beer pong is more on socializing and having fun with friends, rather than achieving a high level of skill.


While beer pong balls and ping pong balls may appear similar, they are not the same. Ping pong balls are designed for competitive play, with a focus on quick rallies and precision. Beer pong balls, on the other hand, are meant for casual social gaming and are larger and softer to accommodate the unique gameplay of beer pong. So, the next time you come across these two types of balls, you’ll know the differences between them and understand why they are not interchangeable.

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